Monday, March 9, 2009

excuses, excuses

I know, I know, it’s been over a week. I’m sorry, time got away from me (I am trying to finish school you know). Excuses are easy, especially when it comes to running. Below are a list of my top 10 (in no order):

1. It’s too cold. I’ve also been known to whine about the heat.
2. It’s too wet (rain, snow or ice). If I wake up in the am and can hear the rain, I refuse to get out of bed. Can’t tell you how many times I have laid there praying for that sound.
3. I just ate, will have to wait 2 hours. 2 hours comes and I have forgotten I needed to go running
4. I overslept, there have been times I have hit the snooze button for 2 hours consecutively.
5. I have homework, which never gets done.
6. Let me do the math, I then add and subtract miles until I have rationalized not going for a run.
7. It’s too late, I’m a morning runner. I can push it to 9am, but after that it’s like asking me to lift up a car. I don’t like to run when it’s light enough for other’s to see me, weird I know.
8. I don’t have time. This one cracks me up because I can run out my front door for as long or as short as I want to, time should not be a factor.
9. I’m sore. HELLO, I'm training for a marathon, I'm ALWAYS sore!!
10. My favorite pants aren’t clean. We now do laundry nightly to avoid this one.

There were no excuses tonight. Postponed the run that should have happened this morning. Why? I heard rain on the roof when I woke up this morning!

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