Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The run came close to not happening, very close.  There are 2 times that I hate to run.  I really don't like to run alone and I really don't like to run during the day.  What was the plan today?  A 3 mile run solo at 10 am.  A recipe for disaster, before leaving I started to bargain with myself.  I'll go later, I'll go tomorrow.  No!  I'm going.  

The trouble is, I ran from home this morning, so I had to get far enough away from home so that turning around wasn't an option.  I have to say it wasn't bad, I was pleasantly surprised when my garmin announced the completion of mile 1.  I noticed during the second mile that I was able to focus on my form and breathing, there was no one to talk to or focus on staying with.  I'm always amazed that my body is able to glide right into a rhythm without any thought or effort, it only happens when I seem to let go and just run.  Before I knew it I was turning back on to Mineral Spring.  The run that I had been dreading was almost over and at that point I thought about extending it, but decided to stick with the plan.  I'm starting to feel better after the marathon, there was no pain and no exhaustion so no need to push it.  

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