Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Running while wet

Today was just one of those runs that was fun. It was pouring rain, the kind of rain that makes it hard to keep your eyes open. Not a mile in we were dripping and collecting puddles in our sleeves. Since seeing the MD on Monday I no longer have to monitor my heart rate and ran today with out a care. Joking and laughing. There was a pee-emergency that was narrowly averted, note to self there are no toilets on the Blvd. On the way back I showed my expertise of avoiding the deep puddles and my partner showed her immaturity by leaping into one and soaking me to mid arm. I'm telling you it was just one of those runs. A run that you don't to expect to enjoy that much. It will happened again, one never knows when. These are the runs that keep me going.

Miles run today: 3.7

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