Thursday, July 23, 2009

100 Days

100 days to go! Almost there, not really but it's getting closer. Tomorrow we will hit the double digits. I'm starting to worry a little, not too much, but it's there. That fear of injury. Never did I think I wouldn't be able to run the Providence Marathon. I'm not the kind of runner who gets hurts, it's those fast ones that get hurt. Well I was that runner. When can I get really excited about NYC? When will the training be enough? Last night I felt a little tightness in my calves, so focused on stretching (and yes I'm still wearing heels during the day). Will this turn into anything? Today felt fine, but still any little ache causes me pause, will it morph into a bigger injury. For now I'm trying to stay out of my head and focused on the miles. Trying to be smart about it. Trying to enjoy it (although marathon training isn't really THAT enjoyable). 100 days to go, just a few more runs between now and then. My legs can hang in for it, right?

Days till NYC: 100
Miles trained today: 7

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