Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 2 week 1

Day 2 of learning how to swim a mile. Low expectations remain but man does it feel good to be in the pool. For the last several weeks my ribs have been feeling very cramped but swimming makes me feel like I'm about 6 feet tall with plenty of space for Junior to grow. Things started a little tight but quickly loosened up. I need to learn to breathe on both sides, currently I only breathe on my right side every 4th breath. Anytime I go to breathe on the left I get all confused and stop swimming. This is going to be a problem a few weeks from now when I'm swimming for longer intervals. I'll try tomorrow or Sunday. Other than that form felt good, speed was acceptable. I could benefit from from some nicer goggles but my cheapo deapo ones are getting the job done. Also, I have not hoisted myself out of the pool since swimming while pregnant and really hate, more like despise, having to dog paddle over to the ladder.

Yards swam: 900

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