Thursday, March 28, 2013


Back to track in the first time in a year and a half and happy to report I survived it!  Last time I tried to go back the kid was still too little, (like still nursing and not sleeping little) so it was a bad mix.  Now he's almost ready for college and sleeps til 8 so I'm hoping this goes better.  Outdoor track started this week and I'm trying to make a commitment to the Thursday morning group; I want the speed benefits that result from this torture.  I rolled up for the 6am start and found 2 people to warm up with, an easy mile and a quarter.  The workout was 4x800 and my times were as follows: 2:02, 2:01, 1:55, 1:53.  I wasn't sure how to run these so just stayed on the heels of the lady in pink (later learned her name is Jennifer).  We breezed through them fairly easily, taking turns leading.  I am always reminded of my first track workout where I showed up in sweats and tennis shoes having no idea what they were talking about!  This week has been pretty good, got outdoors yesterday while the sun was out and have plans for another early morning run tomorrow with Jeff.  If that happens I will have successfully hit all my planned runs...outside and before breakfast!!  YAY!  Now lets discuss the food plan, this am I devoured my english muffin, kale, avocado, veggie patty sandwich.  Just finished my chia fresca, lunch will be an Amy's black bean burrito.  I'm thinking dinner will be sauteed kale with mushrooms and onion with some left over quinoa there might also be some leftover sauce lurking in the fridge that I'll toss it in from earlier in the week.  Just an FYI - I'm trying to limit dairy and added sugar and have been meat free for just over a year.  I didn't eat before track and could have used a little something, just not sure what.  I don't really get up early enough before the workout to eat anything substantial. 

Ran 4 miles today

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