Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beat the headwind

All morning long I noticed the breeze, it was hard not too.  Our doors flew open, hats flew off and our door mat ended up down the street and around the corner.  F my life...I have to run in this.  Nap time arrived and I headed down to the East Bay Bike Path (about sick of the Eastside!)  I started to run, and quickly went no where, the headwind was terrible.  T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E.  To the point where I thought about turning around after a mile or so and heading to the Y.  No, no keep going.  IF I do Newport, it's likely to be windy so I need to deal.  I started to panic about 2 miles in, this would be manageable if I had a tailwind on the way home but there is no way I could run into this twice.  I tried to study the shirts of those running/biking in the opposite direction.  Luckily all this panic about the wind made my run out go fairly quickly.  4.5 miles and a quick stop for a gel, time to fly back!  Lucky for me there was a sweet tailwind heading back.  Not only was this my fastest long run for this training period (9:14 pace) but my first 4.5 were at a 9:30 pace and the last 4.5 at a 8:56 pace.  Totally sweet and just what was needed after holding on for that brutal first half.

Next week, more of the same.  Long run is going up over double digits...I know it's about time.  The morning run routine is going well.

Food?  Tonight we dined on black bean quinoa burgers from  I covered mine in vegan cheese, avocado and sauteed kale.  Lunch was the vegetarian sandwich from 7 Stars - not the healthiest choice but oh SO good!! Breakfast was a homemade bar.  One of the keys of success related to this working full time BS is meal planning and structured food shopping.  This week dinners will include pasta with a mushroom/onion/spinach sauce, hummus sammies and fruit at the park, black bean soup (left overs the next night).  Here goes nothing!

Ran 9 miles today

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