Tuesday, October 27, 2009

6 miles, that's all

That's all that stands between me and 26.2, I'm not sure if I'm ready. Not sure if you are ever ready for a marathon. No matter how many you run, there is always a goal. That goal may vary from marathon to marathon and be very different for each participant but there is a goal. For me the goal has changed from the start of my training, I'm sure that's true for many, but the goal is still there. My time goal changed and for a while it was all about injury and just getting to the starting line, now I just want to have fun. If I get more specific than that, you will all know if I accomplished it or not and that's too much pressure! For now I need to make it to NY without getting lost, find my number and then find a warm place to wait until the start :)

There are 2 runs left before NYC, 3 miles each. What are the goals for those? No pain, no injury, work out the nervous bugs before the starting line. I think I can meet 2 of 3 of those, but am sure the nerves will be with me until it's all over!

Days till NYC: 4
Miles trained today: 3

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