Monday, October 12, 2009

A confidence builder

We are getting close, very close. Only 1 or 2 long runs to go. Last week was pretty much a disaster, we got the miles in but it felt pretty shitty. I was no rush to get back out there today, but we are at the point where there is no time for procrastination. After debating going today or at 3am tomorrow morning, we got our butts on the road. Changing things up a little we headed to the East Bay Bike Path for an out an back.

Here goes nothing. Slowly but surely I found my groove, had music today and found that approx every 3.5 songs ticked by a mile. At mile 6 we realized this was going to be a race against day light, rather than go 8 out and back we shortened it to 7. Things were going well until mile 9.5, my body started to throw a fit. Started with the bottom of the foot under my bog toe, OW! When I ignored that the achilles started to get tight, OW! Still pushing forward the ankle and knee joints entered into the chorus!! This would be a hell of a lot easier if my body would get on board and start cooperating! Had we not been 5+ miles from the car I might have thought about walking for a while, but then we are going to be stuck out here in the dark. Mile 11 I reached for more Gu hoping that would help quiet every one down and get us to the finish. It worked. We started to fly along, I wasn't dragging behind Joe. Realizing that I was enjoying myself at mile 12 was very odd. We stopped at 14, by choice, I felt good. What is the point in 2 more miles, I need to end on a high note. That and it was pitch black out and getting pretty chilly :)

Today was the run I needed, I have been starting at the directions on deferring my entry since last week. Due to injury my training hasn't gone as planned and I'm there but not where I would have been without injury. Today showed me that I know how to run long. I can run long and not have it kill me. I can run long and have a good time! That said I'm sure come mile 22 on 11/1 I'll have a few choice words flying out of my mouth. But by that point I'll be close to finishing the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!!!!

Days till NYC: 19
Miles trained today: 14

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