Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's bring it to the here and now, please

Dear Weather Woman,

I try to trust you, I really do. This morning you again let me down. I turn you on as I get ready for a morning run. Your display tells me it's 39 out. My house is only 58, too cold to take my warm PJ's off. Yet you go on and on about a warm front. If you said the phrase once in the 15 minute period you said it 18 times. I don't care what it will be at 2pm, I care about the here and now. It's cold enough to demand 3 layers on top, a tank, a long sleeved shirt and a jacket. Cold enough to demand a hat and mittens that stayed on the whole 3 miles. Cold enough for my nose to still be dripping as I type this. Cold enough that my thighs are bright red under my pants. So please tomorrow when I turn you on, lets talk about what it's really like outside. When it's cold please don't try to mislead me with graphs of troughs and discussion of warm fronts.

A cold runner

Miles run today: 3

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