Thursday, August 2, 2012

The good, the bad and the tired

So after my "I can do anything post" from a few days ago, I felt it only fair to report where I'm at in my professional marathon.  We'll call yesterday a draw, I had planned to run 4 and went 2.  I could have squeezed in a 3rd mile but it was run 1 more mile or shower and get dressed without the supervision of a 13 month old.  Being able to shower and get dressed without his supervision was a far better choice and 2 miles is better than none.  I knew last night that today would be tough, I was dragging ass when I got home, but didn't think about it.  It was one of those nights that I never really settled in for a sound sleep, wish I could blame the kid for this one but he was silent.  I just couldn't turn off my head, around 4:37am I sent a text bailing from my 6:30am swim.  Yes, I know I only have 4 chances this week to swim over the next 14 days...down to 2 now.  So the key to me being a good parent is 3 cups of coffee.  After 3 cups of coffee everything is good, manageable and pleasant.  Prior to 3 cups things are very grim...exceedingly grim.  I know this so I set no expectations until after the last sip on the 3rd cup.   The last sip went down and the lights didn't turn on, a sign of a truly bad day ahead.  We got through the morning and even made it to the park for some pigeon chasing.  At 11 I decided I had to bail on my trainer workout and needed to sleep.  So I get us all upstairs (2 dogs, the kid and took a while).  The dogs were under strict orders to get ready for a nap while I dealt with the kid.  Finally I go to jump in my bed to find that the fucking dog peed in my fucking bed.  He peed in my bed.  Fortunately for the dog my homicidal rage was quelled by the sleeping child in the room next to us.  I had a silent but extreme fit, stripped the bed and quietly stormed down the stairs.  He peed in my bed.  The only way to regain control that didn't involve alcohol was to get on the trainer.  An hour later, I'm feeling better...still not speaking to my dog...but no longer homicidal.  So over the last 2 days I've only skipped 1 workout completely, 1 was cut short and due to my rage the 3rd workout was pretty damn good.  I'll keep you posted as to how things continue to pan out.

60 mins of hard angry hills on the trainer.

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