Thursday, August 16, 2012

The playground workout

So as stated earlier, I'm not really sure what I'm training for...likely a fall half marathon and things have happened just so that I've spent more time running than anything else over the last 2 weeks.  No biggie other than just logging the miles gets old and it's hard to do anything structured when I'm running behind 50lbs of baby and stroller.  We started out this morning without much of a plan, I knew I wanted to go longer than just the Blvd and had thought doing about a loop and a half but threw that idea out about 7 steps into my run.  I recalled a playground near the Lincoln School end that we hadn't checked out yet so I ran in that direction.  It was just about 2 miles from the start.  We stopped and had a 20 minute snack/play break.  Just enough time for the kid to touch every truck he could find in there and test out the swings to be sure they work the same as all the others.  Then it was time to run back, focus being on negative splits.  Lets see if I can do it a bit faster...too bad the second half was uphill.  I was also forced to run on the middle of the Blvd due to construction which always slows me down a little.  If nothing else I have a new workout I can add to the mix, aiming to get that second half done quicker than the first.

Miles run today: 4

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