Thursday, August 30, 2012

tempo run + jogger = fail?

I'm reminded as to why I gave up structured workouts when running with the kid.  Today was supposed to be a 4 mile tempo run at a 9 min pace.  Given the 3 beers I had the night before plus the 5 cups of coffee that went down the hatch in the hour leading to the run I figured this was going to be disastrous.  Kid + jogger is upwards of 50lbs so I would have been ok with a 9:05ish pace.  I ended up with a 8:35 pace for the 4 miles.  WTF!  Here's the problem with following a generic on-line plan, there's no coach to meet with when this happens.  Did I run too fast today or is my plan too slow?  I'm not sure I'm going too fast, last week's tempo was 8:45 and now a 8:35.  Neither run felt all out, but I'm not running consistent miles, I start slow and get faster.  Today 8:49, 8:31, 8:19; last week 8:59. 8:49 and 8:28.  The difference between the 2 runs is last week's tempo was the run part of my tri, not ideal but that's how it happened.  So do I adjust my plan and run my tempos at an 8:40ish or keep the goal at 9 and just see what happens.  If I'm running my tempo's faster, should my fake track workouts get faster as well?  End goal remains a 2 hour finish at the Cape Cod Half, (do I dare dream of an even faster finish??).

Ran 4 miles and 60 min hill work on trainer.

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