Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hiring a pacer.  Exciting job opportunity for someone who can deal with a moody boss.  Requirements include reading the training schedule and ensuring that the boss stays on pace.  Flexibility is a must, days and time vary.  Pacer may also be asked to push the jogging stroller and will need to do so while keeping pace.  Pacer may also be asked to carry water or Gu, think pack mule.  Pacer also required to come to runs with exciting conversation topics, should be able to carry on an entertaining 1 sided conversation.  No benefits and pay will be in baked goods and is performance based.  Pacer will be credited if goal time of 2 hour half marathon is achieved and will face an ungodly wrath if goal is not achieved (please see second sentence regarding a moody boss).

Ran 8 miles at a 9 minute pace...should have been a 9:20 or slower

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P1t0 said...

hahaha! Too funny!