Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stroller Division

The kid and I rocked our first race together this morning, we killed it if you really want me to gloat.  There were 5 strollers that I noted out there and we came in 2nd in the stroller division.  I think it's time for races to add this division and I really don't want to hear any of the b.s. about liability coverage and that the USATF bans us.  I'm running with a handicap with the stroller so it's unfair to grade my performance against all of those solo runners.  Then there is the whole starting at the back of the back and having to weave around idiots listening to music not paying any attention....FOCUS you fools you don't have the race course to yourselves!  If you want to get real technical, the weight of the kid could also factor in.  I was coming around once of the final bend and a spectator pointed out that I was the 2nd stroller but that my kid looked heavier so I was working harder.  Take that man who won the stroller division!  Although if we did that the lady with the double jogger and 2 toddlers would have kicked my ass (PS - you are my new hero).  The stroller division wouldn't need any prizes, although a cookie for our passengers would be appreciated.  So three cheers to my people running with strollers, keep it up and continue make the solo runners sigh with frustration when we blow by them!  And I have to shout out to races like the JCC 5k who are stroller friendly!

Ran 10 miles today.

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P1t0 said...

Woo hoo! Way to go!!