Tuesday, September 18, 2012

To marathon or not to marathon??

I'm really torn here.  About a month away from my half which means I'm totally over it and need to start worrying about what's next.  Last fall/winter/spring I was solely focused on the 70.3 stuff.  I think I'll likely do another one of those as well next year but want to do one next September which means I don't need to start training now.  Half marathons are fun but not enough work.  Watching Joe, Jeff and Fully train for their October marathons has got me thinking, but any time I get close enough to get excited I recall the pain.  Then there is the whole, I have a kid and not enough time for marathon training.  Stupid logic given that Joe is doing it now with the same kid and I trained for the 70.3 with said kid.  My marathon shows have been awful; filled with slowness, injury and bad form.  You think I'm a whiner now, just wait.  That said I'm fitter and faster than during previous marathon training periods, it would be nice to see if I could pull a 4:30-4:40 out of my ass.  If yes, then what race?  Late Jan/early Feb would fit nicely in the training calendar and allow me to match up with Kali for some long runs, but that leaves my only local option as Hyannis.  I'm not jazzed about Hyannis, there's nothing wrong with it, but nothing exciting either.  Do I play the over-worked-in-need-of-a-break-mom card and look at one that might require a weekend away....maybe even away from said kid???  Ah, but now we are taking about 18 mile runs in December and although December is not kind to bikers it's really cruel to distance runners as well. But then this keeps me fit through winter and then come late Feb I dive back into the tri stuff.  I just don't know.

Ran 6 miles today.


P1t0 said...

You still have time to think about it. But if anything like me, it will eat at you until you do it. :)

I say go for it!

Pam said...

Go for it! You know you want to. How badass will you feel running in the most awful weather!?