Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 miles for peace

I don't know if it's early.onset.terrible.twos, puberty, or just that he inherited his mother's personality but the kid has morphed into a blonde version of Kim Jong Il.  It's been bad.  So bad that today when I toyed with taking a day off I couldn't get to the gym fast enough.  After 45 mins at breakfast together, I knew we weren't meant to spend any quality time together today.  Off to the Y we went where he could spend so time bossing other adults around and I could recover from the torture suffered earlier in the morning.  Now my running has been a little of this and some of that for the last 2 weeks or so but this week I was already up to 12 miles this week so not interested in doing much.  The unfortunate part of this was the running was my saving grace.  The longer I ran the longer we would be's that for motivation?  And to keep the speed up there was some guy doing repeats so I just kicked up the pace whenever he did.  5 miles later I ran out of excuses and hit stop on the dreadmill and oh so slowly made it back to find my pint sized dictator...of course he was nothing but smiles and laughs.

Ran 5 miles today

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