Sunday, October 20, 2013

Go Pats!

I've tried over the years to become a football fan. About every other year I sit down for the start of the season with the fullest of intentions to become an engaged fan. I'm beginning to accept that it's just not my sport. Baseball on the other hand, what a series. Well played boys, well played. We got home from the fall fest just in time for nap and kick off for the Pats/Jets game and as quickly as Joe settled in on the sofa I realized this would be my chance for an empty pool and suddenly found my motivation to head for a swim. As predicted I had the pool solo and just took off. It's really the only place that I feel normal lately. Can't see the belly, all aches and pains disappear and, if you ignore my maternity bathing suit, I look like everyone else. It's so nice and just like last time it only took a few laps before I decided I need to do this more often and really should think harder about the Save the Bay Swim next year. I had the same thoughts during my last pregnancy but get pretty skeeved out in open water and you always hear of those years that there are a lot of jelly fish. That said, Newport to Jamestown with a 3 year old and 5 month old waiting at the finish line is a pretty badass goal. You never know but in the meantime I think I'll spend the next few games in the water. Swam for an hour (lost count on my workout but followed my plan from earlier this week just added more repeats).

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