Monday, February 16, 2009

Just me and my dog

Changing things up today. I didn’t run the same route at the same time with the same old people (sorry guys). In fact there was an extended period of time where I decided I was not going to run at all today. After getting dinner in the oven I realized I had over an hour and nothing to do, well nothing I wanted to do. Maybe I felt guilty, who knows, but I decided to go for a run. Joe wanted nothing to do with the idea so I would be on my own. Not wanting to run alone in the dark I leaned on my old running partner. Mia, my dog. She has put some miles down in the past but lately it’s been too cold and we’ve been running too far. Today would be perfect; it’s warm enough and only 3 miles. We hit the road and took off quick, no time to waste. I felt like we flew through it, too bad I didn’t time it. Running 3 miles isn’t bad, before I knew it we were done. I didn’t have time to ponder the meaning of life or guess which body part would get frostbitten first. No wonder people enjoy running, if you aren’t training for a marathon you can get it done quick!

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