Friday, February 27, 2009


Lately it has taken me over 10 minutes to get dressed for running. Almost as much time as it takes for me to run a mile! Today I was done in under 5! We missed the alarm this morning, which left us with an evening run. I’ll be honest; we almost didn’t make it out there. By the time Joe came home I was snoozing on the sofa, the wind was howling. After a few minutes of debate, closer to 45 minutes, we got geared up. It was still 55 degrees! Hitting the road felt great, there was no burn when the wind hit us. It was a regular run at a regular pace. It wasn’t until today when I realized how much pressure the cold weather has on us to get the run done as fast as possible. Today I was out and about, peering in windows of those who were too dumb to pull their blinds. Before I knew it we were turning around at the top of the hill on East Ave, the wind had been behind us to this point. Even in our faces it wasn’t bad, in some ways refreshing. Heading down the Blvd, I was reminded of the New Bedford Half Marathon from last year. It had been our first half marathon and what we had trained for all winter. It was a surprisingly warm day and much like today we ran into a warm breeze for several miles. Before we hit the end of the Blvd, someone drove by and beeped and waved. Who knows who it was, but hello back to you. Heading up the other end of the Blvd, things felt strong, we were moving at a nice clip. For about a mile we compared stories about our work days and then fell back into the running. I run slightly behind Joe, close enough to touch him, and prefer him to be on my right side. I don’t know how or when we established this pattern, but if we are out of sync I move to correct it. Heading up Elmgrove we were lapped several times by a “showoff”. AKA: someone who takes running more seriously than us and is more focused. He didn’t look like he was enjoying himself nearly as much as we were. Before I knew it we were back at the car. I have to say it was nice not to have winter nipping at our heels, I know it will be back again before the end of the weekend. For tonight I’ll take it, it was a nice taste of spring.

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