Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 Months and counting

We are getting close, very close. There are only a few more long runs to go, the longest ones are still on the to do list. Travel plans have been arranged. I've been checking out the marathon merchandise, waiting to buy the perfect jacket (maybe one for every day of the week). THere is still much running to be done and the legs still aren't 100%. It's going to be a long September, I've known this for a while, but now it's really here. I have to stay focused, running has to remain the goal. I must stay free of injury, sometimes I feel like I'm dancing on the cusp, just don't fall in. We were out there tonight and it was a beautiful night for running, the Blvd was packed. I wondered how many others out there tonight are realizing that the change in the calendar, the crispness in the air, are all signals that we are almost there. We beat the summer, the rain of June and July, the heat and humidity of August. Hopefully the weather is going to push us to the starting lines. I can't be the only tired one, and Joe so nicely pointed out that I will likely be tired until the taper (October). We've trained for longer than we have left to train. We've trained for this month.

Days till NYC: 60 (oh shit!!!!)
Miles trained today: 7

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