Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missing my auto-pilot

Running always requires a little effort, especially when we are tucked into bed and the alarm goes off! Some days are more effort than others but for most runs there is a point where auto-pilot turns on. I stop thinking about moving my legs forward, stop thinking about making sure my arms are swinging at the right height, stop thinking about my breathing. My body just does what it has done for countless miles. When this happens my mind just wanders. It's these runs that are really enjoyable, before I know it I find that I'm running faster and further than planned and just enjoying being outside. Today that didn't happen. I'm still monitoring for any calf pain. It was like I had a scanner behind me focused on the calf. Every few steps scanning from knee to ankle, scanning for signs of pain, scanning for anything that is going to prevent me from running the marathon. Luckily nothing was found during the 3 miles of scans and I finished my second run of the week with no pain! Fingers crossed for Saturday!

Days till NYC: 45
Miles trained today: 3

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