Friday, September 11, 2009


So I went out today hoping for a pain free 3 miles, I shouldn't complain, I almost made it. The first 2 miles felt great. They should, I've been resting since Monday. We ran early, right from home. It was the first run with a long sleeved shirt of the year, although I could have gotten away without it. Part of me fully thought I would have no problems, I've been doing everything I've been told. Icing 2-3 times a day, not running, no heels, limited walking. Still here I am, weeks out from the marathon and stuck on the sideline. The other issue, this is my cursed running weekend, in the last 3 years I've had an injury this weekend. I should have planned it into my schedule. Always something different and never serious enough to keep me out of whatever long race I'm planning for, the first was the Bristol 10 miler, the the Breakers last year and now NYC. If history repeats it's self I'l be fine for m race, it's just a pause. I'm told not to worry, it's still too early, I've built a good base. But the seeds of self doubt are setting in, this is the 2nd long run I'll miss. There is nothing I can do, I'll give it more rest. I'll take the vitamins and the supplements. I'll swim in the pool. I'll stay out of my high heels and we'll see how things feel later in the week. I know I can run the distance, and can finish the training, but I'd like to finish strong with my dignity intact, I just need to get my legs on the same page and I'll be ready for the marathon.

Days till NYC: 49
Miles trained today: 3

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