Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh Hello...Jack Black

I've been running outside and mastered my pregnant runner outfit. As of last weekend it hid all evidence of my expanding waistline and is still very comfortable. Today was going to be a treadmill run and it's been a few weeks. Luckily I bailed on the gym and decided on using our basement treadmill. This morning I had already chosen a standard running outfit, many of you have seen it at the track. I believe that Anne-Marie fondly refers to me as Barney when I pull out the purple short and tank. Well today I looked more like Jack Black than Barney (minus the cape of course). I would have died if I put that on in the gym locker room, really died. All I could do in my bathroom was laugh, I give it another 2 weeks before the shirt doesn't cover the belly. I confirmed my suspicions of my foolish appearance when Joe came home, stifled a laugh and said I don't look like Jack Black, just pregnant. This would have been a good enough reason to skip and pout on the couch, but I brought my get up down stairs and ran by myself where no one could compare the resemblance.
Miles run today: 3

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