Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is ok, but not cell phones

I made a BIG mistake today at the gym, I forgot my headphones. Refusing to go back out to the cold car to get them, I decided to run without music. Little did I realize how I would regret this later.

I can't tell you when I noticed the conversation, but at some point my quiet workout was interrupted by the cackle of laughter. Not just a simple laugh but a conversation. Typically gym conversations in the mornings are hushed and short, this conversation went on and on and on. I glanced back it was 2 girls on the elliptical machines. I figured they had just started and would settle down, WRONG. It kept up for the rest of my workout. Just loud enough to break my focus but not lout enough for me to hear what they were saying. Now a few weeks ago I was at the gym and got a call on my phone. Seconds after answering the phone a staff member asked me to leave the gym, fair enough. The assumption is you are there to WORK OUT. I finished my conversation in the hall and returned to my treadmill.

Granted I'm never much of a conversationalist during a run, but these girls appeared to be at a coffee shop not on a piece of exercise equipment. I happen to be a strong believer of the if you can talk you aren't moving fast enough. It's one thing to have a good time joking during an outdoor workout where you aren't bothering anyone. But the 5:30am gym crowd appears to be a quiet down-to-business like group that are focused on finishing their workouts and getting to their warm showers and morning cups of coffee.

After leaving I figured I was being hormonal and too judgemental, I mentioned it to Joe in passing, who knew immediately what I was talking about. "I had to turn up the volume on my music because of those girls." So here are 2 people holding court in a manner that is just as disruptive as those on cell phones but yet no one intervenes. I guess this is what I get for forgetting my headphones, here's hoping these girls belong to the New Year's Resolution Crowd and will be quickly weeded out!

Miles run today: 3

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