Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spit out yer gum!

My thinking is not always clear before a morning workout. Today without realizing it I climbed into the pool with my gum in my mouth. Why I was chewing gum at 5:30am is unknown to me, I don't remember popping it in my mouth. I realized it quickly, not even halfway down the pool. Now I have run with gum and never had a problem, when I get sick of it I spit it out. I've been on the elliptical with gum and again no issues. I was suddenly disgusted by the fact that my gum was covered in pool water. It completely skeeved me out. Again makes no sense, pool water is always in my mouth, it's part of having to breathe in the water. For some reason I didn't have it in me to swallow this gum that had now been contaminated by the pool. I was into a 20 lap series so couldn't really climb out and find a trash can and there was no way this toxic piece of gum was going to end up neatly placed on my flip flop at the end of the pool. I toyed with the idea of spitting it out in the pool but thought that would be a ticket straight to hell, if I was going to do that I might as well just start peeing in the pool! This distraction lasted my entire workout, at times causing periods of panic. If nothing else a distraction to the workout it's self. And I will admit to the most disgusting part of this story when the workout was finally complete and I walked by the trash I realized that my gum was gone. I have no recollection of swallowing it, nor did I intentionally "loose it" in the pool but it was gone. I'm completely grossed out and learned a valuable lesson: no gum in the pool.

Yards swam today: 1600

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