Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Watch out now!

After a week’s vacation from the pool and other forms of exercise, we dragged ourselves into the water this morning. I found that swimming like running, feels good after a bit of a break. But I really think today’s awesomeness was less about the break and more about my brand spanking new goggles. I had a pregnancy moment last week before we took off and my old trusty pair are now missing. It was a hidden gift. These new ones have transformed me into the female Michael Phelps. I’m not kidding; I cut through the water like a hot knife going through butter. The tinted lenses make me look cool even in my tent of a bathing suit. People were stopping to stare, well not really but they are really nice. It did hit me though that we are close to the mile and I’m starting to believe that we are going to be able to finish it!

Yards swam today: 1550

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