Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Route

It was just one of those mornings where I needed to run but was lacking the desire. Getting into the car and heading to the Blvd would take just long enough to talk myself out of it. I quickly mapped out a new route in the neighborhood that would be stroller friendly and headed out the back door. It was nice to be able to run from the house but I quickly got my a$$ kicked by the hills. Any ideas I had about ever going to Lincoln Woods with the jogger have been eliminated. This route could be considered just as tough. Pre-baby I wasn't much for running up hills and now pushing 38 plus pounds in front of me I really dislike them. The most difficult part is coming back down the hills. The jogger messes up all attempts of having a recognizable form both going up and back down the hills. So in the end I'm happy to have both a local route and a new challenge, I need to improve my time on this route.

Miles run today: 3

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