Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Am I missing out?

It occurred to me today, during my late morning run, that it might be time for long sleeves and/or long pants for running. I wouldn't know because by the time I get out there the sun has warmed everything up. Miles has been going out in more layers, but I've been able to rock the capri's and t-shirts without being cold. It was the breeze that made me think about it today, I wished for a minute that I had a jacket with me but then warmed up fairly quickly. So I'm thinking I've finally found the benefit to this mid-day running schedule. Funny side note though, I'm never quite sure when it's too cold for Miles to go for a run and unfortunately for him unless it's pouring we go. Last week we were out there and it was chilly but not really cold, so he was wearing sweats and I had him under a few blankets. My measure of his discomfort is his screaming, he didn't yell at me so off we went. Things were fine till I ran by another parent who was quickly running from their car to the house with their baby and the kid was wrapped head to to in a snow suit like outfit, you could barely see the kid under all the layers; either their kid was very over dressed or mine was terrible under-dressed!

Miles run today: 3

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