Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brick interrupted

At baseline my training is always a bit touch and go with the kid. Often I think I have a workout set and then am changing plans last minute. This week is no different. Combine that with returning from vacation and yet another night of no sleep and it’s a miracle I haven’t thrown in the towel completely. So today was going to be 60 mins on the trainer followed by a 30 min run, ideally back to back. And it was back to back, if you ignore that hour and 40 minute break that involved a diaper change, bottle, meal and trip to the bakery for a smoothie and visit with Melissa. Yes, I could have skipped the smoothie and social stop but after a sleepless night sometimes you just need a friendly face who will tell you it’s going to be fine. By the time we started running the sun was out and temps were climbing. Not ideal but come race day, I’ll be hitting the run course late morning and will have to get used to this. The best part of all of this, peeking over at the kid who spent the run chomping on his toes for all the world to see.

Trained 60mins on the bike and a 30 minute run

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