Thursday, March 22, 2012

They are all long

One of the major differences btw marathon training and training for the 70.3 is the idea of a long workout. Even during my most motivated periods I have never loved the idea of a long run. Much past 7 miles and the excuses start to come out. With marathon training I only had to worry about this once a week. With the 70.3 every time I turn around there is another long workout, never mind on "short" days I'm almost always pulling a double session. Today's long swim caught me by surprise, I hadn't really thought about it till breakfast this am when I glanced at the training schedule. The other big difference btw marathons and this, is that the 70.3 training is fairly inflexible. With marathons (and really any other kind of running plan) I was notorious for skipping workouts, rescheduling workouts till later in the week and combining them into 1 day. Now that's a distant memory. Given the unpredictability of the kid, I'm really kind of married to the program and getting a workout in when I have the chance regardless of my desire to do so. All of that said it's pretty nice when the flow comes together (like today) and it's 11:30 - all workouts are done - I'm showered and the kid is still snoozing.

Trained 45 mins in the pool followed by 30 mins on the trainer

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