Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fing resolutioners!

You know it's a bad sign when you roll up to the gym before 6am and the parking lot is basically full. It's an even worse sign when you walk towards the locker room and can see a little bit of the pool and it's full of chop and white caps. I'm all for people finding their motivation and deciding to workout, but please don't mess with the rest of us who have been getting up at the ass crack of dawn for god knows how long and have a routine planned. We don't deviate based on the weather and were here years ago and will continue to be here long after you have lost your motivation and have restarted the love affair with your snooze button. Go away. Find one of those fancy gyms where people don't really go to workout. Better yet buy some really nice expensive equipment and use it twice and then have it collect dust in your bedroom or basement. You can join us once you've been doing it solo for 3 months, then we'll welcome you with open arms. Maybe even engage in some light hearted banter in the locker room or between intervals. If you insist on showing up then park on the street, spots in the lot should be earned not given. And when one of the regulars shows up get out of our way. Get off our treadmill, spin bike or out of our lap lane and watch while we school you on how this is done. Can you tell I'm hormonal and overtired? PS - it's because of the stupid resolutioners that I had to circle swim and we all know how much I love that at 6am. Swam for 45 mins today

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