Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Veggie all the way

Time to address the questions I've been getting about being a veg-head. 1. Are you a vegan? Nope, I am a sucker for goldfish and can't break up with them. That and although the majority of my meals are dairy free, I do eat cheese from time to time. It's rare but fondue on New Year's Eve, yep and I don't regret it. I do eat a lot of non dairy cheese, I'm a fan of Daiya for cheese and tofutti for cream cheese or sour cream. At this point almost all my baking is vegan and I've figured out how to make close to all reciepes vegan. This is a HUGE help with the kid who loves to cook and loves even more to lick the bowl. By eliminating eggs from my baking I've yet to tell him no when he's wanted to lick the bowl or spoon. 2. Do Joe or the kid eat meat? Joe is his own person and makes his own decisions. He eats meat occasionally, never at home mostly when he's out with work. The kid eats what we eat so he eats very little meat, again none at home. When he's had it out, he (like most toddlers) isn't a huge fan. His doc knows that we don't eat meat and hasn't raised any concerns about it. The kid does do more dairy than I do, we have had to limit it somewhat due to some digestive issues. Sometimes I feel bad, like when he thinks that tofu is cheese, but he can hate me later. 3. But you're pregnant?!? And? I've not changed a thing regarding my diet with this pregnancy and would be willing to venture that it's been a healthier experience. The first time around I was up 60-65lbs, this time I'm up 36-38 so far. I don't feel bad when I'm stuffing my face with fruits and veggies, yes I'll have seconds. No I haven't had a heart to heart with my OB about how I eat but she hasn't asked and I'm healthy with lab values all within normal limits. 4. What do you eat? Most anything, I'll try anything once. The key for me has been to focus on eating a variety of foods, veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, lentils, grains. I try to make sure that every week has different food sources. I don't stress about if I'm getting enough protein, do some research and you'll see that we need less than you think. I also don't stress about different vitamins and minerals, again if you do the research you will see that with a strong diet that includes much variety you are fine. I'm not a nutritionist, but both Joe and I have met with one as we've made these changes to make sure that all bases are covered. And we've also discussed with the nutritionist what the kid needs and how to best meet those needs. 5. Why? All I have to say is do some research on factory farming. Not just what happens in meat and dairy production but all large farming initiatives. It's gross, not natural, and not safe. I try to eat local, we belong to a CSA, are regulars at our farmer's market. I try to buy in season. I try to buy whole foods and grains, rather than processed products. Again, not perfect but I make an effort every day to be mindful and aware of what my family is eating and where it came from. 1 hour of Fitness in The Park....still no labor :(

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