Saturday, January 18, 2014

Still here

Still here, still swimming and still knocked up. Haven't posted for who knows what reason, I think the mad dash to get things ready at home is a major contributing factor. Doc and accupuncturist both agree (which for the record they never do) that this kiddo isn't going to wait til Feb so time for the procrastination to end. That said there have been several late nights where I've been up with contractions in a panic that I still don't have a bag packed but then the morning comes and I forget to pack. Denial, it's all about denial. So what am I doing for workouts? Swimming 3 days a week, I've mentally committed to the Save the Bay swim this July, 1.7 miles Newport to Jamestown across the bay. It's going to be crazy, but I have friends on board so bring it. The swimming is good, distance varies from a mile to a mile and a half. Still getting the 50's in for some fast stuff and I'm happy to report that I've been able to get them down to under a minute. Makes me excited for what these times will look like when my lungs can fully expand. I do know that after my first pregnancy I got much faster on the roads so I'd like to see these same kind of results this time around both on the road and in the pool. This week we were on a tour of pre-schools so didn't make it to Fitness in the Park, planning on hitting that back up for 2 workouts this week. I'm finding that I need to do alot of adjustments to get through this class. Anything that involves jumping is out, unless I want to be jumping in a puddle of pee. I'm also finding myself short of breath very quickly, chalk that up to lack of space for the both of us. That said I do feel a benefit from trying in that something is better than nothing and the kid enjoys going. I keep saying that I'm going to hop on the ellipitical on the days I don't swim but can't seem to tear myself out of bed and although I'd love to be one of those women who can brag about running right up until delivery date that is just not in the cards for me. I can almost taste my post-natal runs but I'm not there yet.

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