Saturday, January 25, 2014

I give, you win.

I'm giving up the fight. I will accept the following: 1. I will be pregnant until March, hell maybe April. 2. I will never sleep more than 3 hours a night or 4 hours in a 24 hour period. 3. The 35lb weight gain recommendation is total BS. 4. The construction paper traffic lights hung on my kitchen walls are permanent decorations. Yes, it's bad. This is what not sleeping does to you. Although It's much more enjoyable to just accept it. Rather than tossing and turning, I've kept myself entertained with Netflix, cleaning and am now blogging with the pleasant aroma of pumpkin muffins baking away in my oven. The gym opens in T-35 mins so I'm headed there next. Yesterday I hit up the pool for a morning swim. I'm having an issue obtaining new contacts so can't see the clock so am unsure where my 50's landed for time, but at this point does it really matter? I had been struggling with some pain in my left shoulder that I was quietly concerned about but that seems to have resolved itself. I have to be honest, the idea of an injury sidelining my main source of workout and socialization was totally bumming me out. This happened last time, I'm thinking it's a result of overuse and poor form. So that said I'm not swimming back to back days and trying to be mindful of what my arms are doing when I'm in the water. We also hit up Fitness in the Park yesterday and although I had hoped to induce labor with some mountain climbers, I only succeeded in wearing out any muscle not associated with swimming. The bigger issue there is that I'm running out of clothing options, Joe's shirts aren't cutting it. Time to have this baby, quit working out, or find a husband who wears a XXL. Today I'm going to hit the elliptical and see if that gets anything moving and shaking. You'd think these workouts would help to combat this insomnia but no luck there. I keep threatening to try for a run but I'm thinking the size of my rack combined with poor bladder control is a recipe for disaster. Also, please pray that the kid's fever and belly ache last night were passing sxs last night and not a sign of what is to come on my weekend off!

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