Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It’s been cold and I’ve been busy, but running can’t fall to the wayside. We bundled up and headed out for a 10 miler this morning, leaving the house a little before 5. I must admit when I was standing by the door waiting for Joe, I wanted to cancel. We started running. Sunday we had completed a 16 miler so even after taking yesterday of, my legs were not enthused with this idea. We moved on, I don’t think we saw a car for the first 2 miles. It’s funny, when everyone is sleeping it’s hard to tell the difference between neighborhoods. So much of a neighborhood is the people who live there; the sounds make it come alive. On Charles St, we ran into a gaggle of police officers going into an apartment. I can only imagine what they were looking for, but they weren’t moving quickly and guns were not drawn. Sometimes I really yearn for that type of action on our morning runs. The most beautiful sight was when we crossed the Point St. bridge. During the day, not a beautiful spot, but check it out one morning around 5:30-5:45. The water had a coating of ice, the new i-way bridge was reflecting into it, I wished I had my camera. Things were so still. Towards the end of our run the world was catching up to us and we had cars to contend with once again. Cutting over the Smithfield Rd overpass is a bit like dodgeball with cars instead of balls. I typically take a deep breath and run as fast as I can, I need to find a new route. Heading up Power Rd the sky was turning from a dark midnight to a lighter shade of blue. Don’t get me wrong was I glad to reach my home, but enjoyed having the city to myself for a little bit this morning.

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