Thursday, January 8, 2009


I think I am stuck. I may be over running. I'm sick of it. What to do?? Part of the problem is that this is my 4th week of increasing my mileage in a row so my body is tired. I have 31 more miles to run this week. After this week I have a recovery week and will be doing most of my running along the Bermuda coast. But to get there I have to finish this week. The other issue is that I have a tempo run hanging over my head like a death sentence. I was supposed to do it today, didn't happen. I have backed myself into a corner and have to do it tomorrow. I don't know why I am so nervous about it. All I have to do is run 6 miles at a 9 min pace. Completely doable, although will require some effort. It won't be a run around the neighborhood and peer in the windows type of run. It will be a head down, heavy breathing, completely focused type of run. But still I don't want to do it. I have never liked tempo runs. It breaks my rule. I'm a two speed type of runner: 1. walk 2. run. A tempo run means that I have different gears, it means I have to do math, it means I have to pay attention. It means it is no longer just for fun. So why do it? I know I can. I have a coach who will call me on Sunday and ask how it went. It will help on race day. I guess I should not have pushed it back to the end of the week, it's like an exam hanging over your head or a phone call you don't want to make. It makes me laugh because it doesn't matter how I do tomorrow. It's going to be 5am and no one will know but me and Joe. We all know I'm not going to win the next marathon, but the pressure is unreal. I wouldn't be me if I didn't make it into a big deal and get worked up about it, I do it to everything. Here we go again! After tomorrow I won't be over running, I will no longer be stuck.

As an aside those, of you who check out runner's world online, I have to admit I fall into the running ninja category. Although not a proud label to wear, it sounds kind of cool!

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