Thursday, May 6, 2010

Adventures in North Providence

Off I go! The plan is easy enough, run from my house to the ball field where I will have friends waiting with water and run home. No problem-O, that is until I start on the first of 3 hills. Huffing and puffing I make it up. Running along Mineral Spring Ave at 6pm is rather distracting. There are too many cars and no one is moving quite fast enough. Never mind that, I’m recovering on the downhill. Just as I catch my breath I run into Jim from work. He kindly reminds me that I have another big hill coming up. Thanks Jim, really thanks! This hill almost does me in. You have no idea. It never ended, well finally it did. Ok, time to recover on the downhill. Before I know it, I hit Centerdale and am feeling pretty proud. We’ve talked a lot about running here and never made it, likely due to the 2 friggin hills I just dragged myself over. Now here is where the run goes horribly wrong. I should have taken a sharp left, instead I take the other left. It felt wrong right away, but I kept going. Yep, I kept going for about 10 minutes until I stopped to ask someone. These 2 ladies laughed out loud at me! “You aren’t running there are you?” With all my self-confidence drained I follow their direction and head towards the field. I have no idea what time it is and if my friends will still be there. I start to panic. I don’t have my phone. Even if someone let me borrow a phone the only numbers I have memorized are useless. If life isn’t cruel enough I have to get up another hill, little do I know that I have now entered into the world of the “Evil Smith Hill Route”. I wonder if I can blame this on Anne someone. Finally in the distance I spy a little leaguer, my pace quickens. I pray it’s the right field. I can’t go any further. Please let them be there! Yes! They are there and not only do they have water, but they are willing to drive me home!!

Miles trained today: 6

Days till the Harvard Pilgrim 10K: 59

Beach 2 Beacon: 93

Chicago: 157

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