Thursday, May 27, 2010

free toes

We headed out this morning on the same route as yesterday, it was our 3rd run in Costa Rica and my legs reminded me of this. I haven't been pushing the agua as I should and was feeling a little dehydrated. That and the humidity slowed me to a crawl. Joe took the lead today on the almost 2 mile downhill stretch, pausing momentarily to view some monkeys. My sneaks were still soaked from yesterday and we were planning to run along the beach again. A perfect chance to expiriment with barefoot running. The sneaks came off just before the 3 mile mark and it took some expirmenting to deterimine where on the beach to run. We had to avoid the rocks in the middle and running in ankle deep waves was not going to help our pace. We followed behind another woman running barefoot, she was also running in a bikini top and lacy underware. Pura Vida! Running barefoot requires intense scrunity of the ground ahead of you. Yesterday running on the beach seemed fun, it was finally flat and I could go faster. Today I ran gingerly, worried about slicing myself on a rock. When my feet would land I could feel my entire foot, from toes through the arch and finally my heel. I wondered how much damage I was doing as I could feel my arch hitting the sand, my orthotics purposfully keep my arch supported. We stopped after about a half mile of barefoot running and I think it will be my only half mile of barefoot running. My feet like sneakers and support. The best part, dropping the sneaks at a chair and charging full speed into the ocean fully clothed. Water temps, like bath water!

Miles trained today: three and a half

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