Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just enjoying myself.

I have relaxed a bit in regards to this whole running thing. Only wearing my watch during speed work and long runs, not allowing myself to completely obsess about mileage goals. Backing off when the aches and pains become too loud. I hate to say it, but it seems to be working. I have run every day since Wednesday and not really dreaded any of it. Each run has been a little different, some more enjoyable than others, but all relaxing in their own right. I did spend close to two hours the other day mapping out the next 4 months of my training, but rather than viewing it as a do or die prescription, it is really only a guide. 2-3 miles off is not going to make a difference in the end. It was beautiful out there tonight and I took in the moon and the stars instead of focusing on what my garmin was doing.

Miles trained today: 12

Days till the Old Sandwich Road Race: 21

Harvard Pilgrim 10K: 49

Beach 2 Beacon 10K: 83

Chicago Marathon: 147

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