Monday, July 4, 2011

107 days

March 10, 2011. That was my last documented run, until today that is. I couldn't wait any longer. My coping skills were quickly dwindling, I was starting to loose it. Forgetting who I am outside of this new parenting thing. I laced up the old running shoes and pulled out my i-pod. Baby was fed and off I went. Fully expected this to feel worse than terrible, but was quickly surprised. My body hadn't forgotten what this was about. If felt so good to have the breeze in my face, sun on my shoulders and pavement beneath my feet. Instantly I was lost in the run. No thoughts running through my head, no worries about the next feeding or diaper change. No worries about who was visiting next. I hate to admit it but I had a feeling of sadness when I saw my house in the distance, it was over too quickly. It was only 2 miles but it was just what I needed and where I needed to begin. What I have to remember is that it will not be 107 days till my next run.
Miles run today: 2.2

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