Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I know this is going to take time. I know that I'm already ahead of schedule but please it's old already. I can't run 3 miles without stopping. I think it's a combination of loosing my previous level of fitness, the heat and humidity and having to run alone.
To be honest I'm a bit surprised that this feels as hard as it does. Granted it has been a long time since my last run, I walked and swam right up until the day before labor. I thought I had stayed in alright shape. On the hills especially it feels like I've lost muscle in my legs. All I can do for this is to stay with it and hope that over time things come back. I'm a little nervous for Falmouth in a few weeks, if I can't run 3 how am I going to be able to do 7?
As for the heat I can't do anything but acknowledge the role it's playing in my return to running. I know if I was coming back in more ideal weather conditions it would be a bit easier but I'm not sure I would appreciate it. That said I'm not waiting till October to run again, nor am I going to a treadmill that would be in the A/C, so I'll quit my b*tching.
Running alone sucks. Joe has to stay with the kid and I'm at the mercy of the kid so I can't even plan to meet other people (not that I know anyone who runs this slow). A few more months and we'll be able to get a jogger and bring the kid with us but for now it's miserable. I always found running with others helpful, it would get me out the door and keep me going. The only companion I can thing of bringing along is my trusty 10 minute mile dog, Mia.
All that aside I did get out there, and I know that at some point this will be a distant memory and I'll be running like I always did.
Miles run today: 3

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