Friday, July 8, 2011

What rain?

There once was a day when rain would be enough to stop me from running. The rule has always been if I can hear it from my bed then I'm not running in it. This morning I couldn't hear it from my bed but I heard it in the bathroom and when I went to leave it was pouring. Here's the problem though, for me to run everything has to be just so. Baby needs to have eaten a large meal, Joe has to be home, I have to be awake. There are no guarantees that all 3 will happen at the same time more than once a day so I can't throw away the opportunity. Rain wasn't going to stop me this morning. I'm still recovering and learning to run again so there was nothing special about today's run. I could still feel the after effects of my run earlier this week and quickly realized I wasn't going to be ready for the Little Compton Road Race tomorrow. The best part other than time alone, completely alone, was coming home and seeing that both baby and husband were sleeping; giving me time to shower and enjoy my coffee with nothing but my thoughts.

Miles run today 3

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