Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Duel

I've been challenged and am too stupid to pass on it. A friend has challenged me, although she tells the story differently, and I accepted. Very simple, a race around the track, looser buys drinks. There is almost nothing I love more than some friendly competition, I can turn almost anything in to a bet or a race so this is just what I need. The rules are simple. The duel will be scheduled in 12 weeks from this week. I figure that gives me 6 weeks to forget about pregnancy and another 6 weeks to really figure out how to win. It also gives my challenger 12 weeks to get injured (not that I'm wishing injury on any of my fellow runners but I'll take any advantage I can at this point). The duel will happen on a track, distance will be 1 mile. I feel more confident about my ability to kill her on a track than the road. She often reads this blog so I can't share why I feel I have an advantage on the track, you are going to have to trust me. To be honest I would have been happy with a shorter distance but Joe was there and piped in his 2 cents and that's where the mile came from. So now what? Now we wait. Wait for her to get cocky and forget about this, I'll take her over confidence and use it to my advantage. Wait for my speed to return, I just laughed as I typed this. Not to worry more details will come....

Miles run today: not sure exactly, short warm up followed by 6x800 = 3.5ish

PS - I secretly timed some of the 800's today and I'm not as slow as previously thought.

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