Monday, August 1, 2011

First Family Fun Run

Today was the day, Joe was finally ready to allow the kid out on the road. This was after he allowed the kid to sit in the jogger in our living room, then a few days after that he went for a walk with the kid in the jogger. So this morning, we laced up our running shoes, Joe took an ativan (not really but he should have) and off we went with the kid in the jogger still in his PJ's. I'm a little surprised that Joe didn't have us all dress in construction orange and have a police detail to stop traffic. Running with the jogger wasn't as hard or as unwieldy as I had anticipated but it's not until you run without it that you appreciate the effort it does take. Joe and I switched off throughout the run. The kid passed out after the first mile. I'm hoping this allows for us to run on a more consistent basis. And I'm sure next on Joe's to do list today is a trip to the pediatrician to ensure there was no lasting damage from the run!

Miles run today: 3

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