Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Any chance they will clean the lake in time?

So the more I think about this race the more my anxieties grow.  I was in the pool this morning going back and forth like it was nothing.  I started to think about race day and now NASTY the swim is really going to be.  I'll be completely honest, I really enjoy Lincoln Woods.  I love walking there, running there, fishing there, kayaking there....basically doing anything but swimming there.  A friend once told me she had taken the kids swimming there a while back and I was disgusted.  I'll admit to being a beach snob but the lake/pond at Lincoln Woods is just gross.  It's often closed due to high bacteria counts in the summer and the color of dark iced tea.  I've never been in but bet the bottom feels slimey and grimey.  I'm making myself sick just thinking about it.  I won't be able to see the bottom and any pond/lake swim brings out an illogical fear that a giant snapping turtle will grab several of my toes.  That said I chose it over a race with an ocean swim; I won't have to worry about any chop or current so should just stop freaking myself out about it.  But it's really going to be just gross, grosser than swimming next to the water aerobics group at the pool.

Trained for 50 mins in the pool and 29 mins on a run.

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