Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Something is better than nothing

So as I’ve previously gone on about, nothing is the same since the arrival of the kid…today was no different. I had hoped to get on the trainer while he napped, too bad he didn’t want to nap. I got about 15 minutes into my ride when I realized I was going to loose this battle. So I hopped off the trainer, scooped him out of bed and off we went to the Children’s Museum. One of the nicest things about Providence is how close everything is, so when we are sick of the living room it’s never more than 10 minutes to an alternative distraction…great on rainy days! I did manage to get him into a clean diaper; I did go in my grubby workout clothes and hoped that no one noticed any smell that might follow me. I don’t even want to admit about how many places I will go now in my nasty workout gear. Look when we are on the move it already takes too long to get him ready…I can’t worry about changing in and out of my workout stuff. Fast forward several hours and finally he’s sleeping allowing me to finish my workout. Nothing special, still feeling my weekend workout so skipped any structure in favor of some easy spinning. I did feel guilty about starting and stopping the workout (although it’s not really my fault) so when I got off and the monitor was still silent I scooted off to the basement and ran an easy 1.5 miles. I figure a broken workout is better than no workout at all.

Trained for an hour on the trainer and 14 mins on the treadmill

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