Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I know that training plans are just that, plans.  Not meant to be followed to the exact minute or mile but used as a guide and tailored accordingly.  Nothing irritates me more than having to get used to the adjustments.  And I'm not talking about going a little less b/c my hip is sore or swapping a run for a swim.  It's the adjustments that come with the kid.  I've been trying to get my mid week rides to around 90 minutes.  In addition to being cute and licking everything in our house, he's also a germ factory and giving my immune system a run for it's money.  After succumbing to get another cold thanks to him and having to take yesterday off I was back at it today.  Not knowing how I would feel this morning I didn't get the alarm to get up at 6 and ride, leaving me to be a slave to the nap schedule.  I had given up on the idea of riding for 90 minutes but figured I could get in a good hour.  Then right at the 32 minute mark he started to squawk for management over the baby monitor.  Not only was this bad news for my ride, but bad news for his mood.  I decided to wait it out and by the 35 minute mark he was back to snoozing and all was silent.  There was a moment of debate, if I'm on borrowed time do I shower in peace or keep going to the hour mark??  In the end it didn't matter.  Not only did I get an hour in but he continued to sleep for my shower and it continues now.  Had I known, then I could have gotten in the whole 90 minutes!  He's mastered crawling but still lacking in the communication department.  

Trained for an hour on the trainer.

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Pam said...

So frustrating! I totally feel you. I haven't even attempted a naptime workout, as I have no clue whether to expect a catnap or a 3 hour marathon nap w a 10 week old!