Sunday, April 29, 2012

A ride, a run and a baby

So let me be up front from the get go, a 3 hour workout and a baby are a tough mix.  I'm dead tired, tired like you can only be after a 3 hour workout and the kid is ready to rock it.  Here's the problem, I was out of the house from 9-1 so now I'm home but useless.  

Lets recap.  I rocked a 38 mile ride, thanks to Emily to getting me out and going.  Weather was better than last weekend so I didn't have to worry so much about the heat.  My stupid dogs got into my Gu stash but I had enough to get me through  (PS - 4 packs of mint chocolate GU are not poisonous to 2 dogs, I will not share my disappointment in this fact).  I also hate to admit but I haven't noticed a marked slowing of my pace since switching to the cleats and straps, so no shocker there that I wasn't that much quicker with the clips.  The 5k after the run sucked, but my pace was phenomenal (9:09).  The only thing missing from today's workout were some hills, but I'll get there.  A huge accomplishment and definite confidence booster, I'm proud about what I put out there today.  Felt great to see things coming together!

It was the first really long workout since the kid made his appearance and I'm a bit nervous for how the next few weeks will go.  This was not my longest by far, I'm going to be out there for another hour or 2 as  things progress.  I need to figure out a way to balance needing these extended workouts with having to be a functional parent after.  Until then, I'm going to research double strollers that can accommodate my weight so Joe can push both myself and the kid to the playground.

Miles trained today: 38 on the bike and 3.2 on the run

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