Sunday, April 22, 2012

Running up and down over and over again

I'm sorry in advance, I'm having a hard time focusing.  Heaven just appeared in my food processor, a chocolate peanut-butter spread for my toast that was the perfect recovery meal.

For better or worse I have chosen a race that is in my neighborhood, meaning it's easy for me to get comfortable with the course, also meaning that I have no real excuses but to get out there.  The run course for the 70.3 is a 2 looper through the city.  The nice thing is that the hills are only on the first half of the loop but remember it's 2 friggin loops.  I should limit my complains as in past years the hills included College Hill, but man it's not the easiest course that could have been mapped out.  The hill starts at N. Main St just beyond the fire station and goes on and on from there.  There are some small stretches of relief but until you are headed back and have passed Hope St you don't get much of a break (approx 2 miles of hills)  So what did I do today?  I ran just the hill part twice.  I had planned to do 1 whole loop and then go back and do the hills for a 2nd time but after the first time I realized I had no intention of heading back up.  I turned around at the fire station and started back up again before I had time to argue about it. The only pleasant thing that resulted from this was I really enjoyed the flat part of the loop when I finished.  I think at one point I had thought about taking the stroller out there and running the hill part over and over again, terrible idea.  I'll just stick to running it solo a few times.

Enough complaining about hills, I need to go eat more of that chocolate heaven that's in the food processor.

Miles run today: 10

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